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Current applications of learning analytics–Week 3 of LAK

This week, the course videos and readings focused on the ways in which learning analytics are currently being deployed in various educational settings. Through analytics, the institutions mine large data sets continually collected by these tools and apply statistical techniques to produce “actionable intelligence” —in this case, improve student (and organizational) outcomes.  I will briefly … Continue reading

Thoughts After Week 2 of Learning Analytics 2012

Why do learning analytics matter?  Because the world has changed, and with it, the capacity of the learner to learn in new ways.  With those new learning avenues come new ways to measure that learning.  In one article we read this week, David Gelernter was quoted: “If you have three pet dogs, give them names. If … Continue reading

First week of Education Analytics course (huzzah!)

I recently signed up to participate in an open online course on Learning Analytics (#LAK12).  The idea is to apply the same best practices currently being applied in business intelligence to the educational domain.  We’ll be covering all sorts of topics, including educational data mining, social network analysis, visualization technologies, and a host of other … Continue reading